Footpath: 22

From Chadfield Road to Chevin Road

Are the gradients steep? (no more than 1 in 20): No
Comments: Long steady slope down to the golf course.
Are there any single steps?: No
Is the path lit?: Yes
Does the path have serious cross-fall gradients / cambers?: Maybe
Comments: Some camber on the exit from the path to the golf course.
Is the route suitable for assisted wheelchair users?: Yes
Is there a footpath sign at the start?: Yes
Is the path over 1 metre wide?: Yes
Is there cane detection at any potential hazards for people with poor sight ? : Yes
What is the surface made of?: Yes
Comments: Tarmac
Are there large steps? Is it more than 150mm / 6 inches: No
Are there suitable resting places on long or sloping routes?: No
Are there any overhanging obstacles?: No
Is the surface level and smooth?: Yes
Is the route suitable for non-assisted wheelchair users?: Maybe
Comments: It is a long steady slope up from the golf course.
Is there a long slope?: Yes
Comments: Long steady slop up from the golf course.
Is there a level platform at the top of the slope? Minimum 1.8m / 6 feet: No
Are there any wider passing places?: Yes
  • Narrow pavement

    Narrow pavement

  • Footpath to Golf Lane

    Footpath to Golf Lane

  • Footpath access

    Footpath access

  • Narrow cambered access to Golf Lane

    Narrow cambered access to Golf Lane