Footpath: 21

From Hazelwood Road to Lime Avenue

Are the gradients steep? (no more than 1 in 20): Yes
Comments: Long slope down from King Street to Lime Avenue
Are there any single steps?: Yes
Comments: Five large stone steps up from Hazelwood Road to the path
Is the path lit?: No
Does the path have serious cross-fall gradients / cambers?: Yes
Comments: Dangerous cross-falls and water run-aways in parts.
Is the route suitable for assisted wheelchair users?: No
Is there a footpath sign at the start?: Yes
Are the step treads wide ? Is it at least 280mm / 11 inches?: Yes
Is the path over 1 metre wide?: No
Comments: Wide at the Hazelwood Road end but narrows for most of the length
Is there cane detection at any potential hazards for people with poor sight ? : No
Comments: Hazards due to cross slopes and overhanging vegetation.
Are there colour-contrasted step nosings?: No
What is the surface made of?: No
Comments: Tarmac for a short distance at Hazelwood Road then loose gravel and soil.
Are there large steps? Is it more than 150mm / 6 inches: Yes
Comments: 5 Large stone steps at Hazelwood Road.
Are there suitable resting places on long or sloping routes?: No
Are there any overhanging obstacles?: Yes
Comments: Overhanging vegetation.
  • Entrance from Hazelwood Road

    Entrance from Hazelwood Road

  • Large uneven steps

    Large uneven steps

  • Level section near to Hazelwood Road

    Level section near to Hazelwood Road

  • Steep cross flow. Uneven

    Steep cross flow. Uneven

  • overhanging foliage

    overhanging foliage

  • very narrow section approaching Lime Aveneue

    very narrow section approaching Lime Aveneue